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Why Nursing CEUs are Important

You may feel that, once you have your nursing license, you know what you need to be a good nurse. And while that may be true overall, nursing CEUs are in place to benefit you, as well as your patients. They make sure you're working to the best of your ability, and that your knowledge and skills are up to date with healthcare standards and advancements. It may be an inconvenience to take continuing education courses in order to renew your nursing license, but in the long run, CEUs are a good tool for nurses, and important to ensure the highest quality of care for patients.

They hold you accountable to healthcare standards

Once you get into the nursing field, you may find shortcuts or different ways of using medical techniques that save you time. This doesn't mean you're not following rules or endangering patients, but it means that you're not as careful to go "by the book" when practicing and working with patients. Nursing CEUs will refresh you on techniques used and help make sure you're sticking to healthcare standards when you work with patients.

They expand your skills and knowledge

To earn your nursing degree, you needed a specific set of skills and knowledge. However, once you get into a specific nursing position, you may use a different set of skills and knowledge based on what you do at work every day, and it's often more specialized than what you learned in nursing school. Nursing CEUs give you the opportunity to learn skills and techniques you may not know anything about, or gain knowledge about an area that's new to you. You can then take that knowledge and those skills and apply them to your nursing career. This makes you a stronger team member, and will ultimately benefit the patients in your care.

They keep the healthcare industry up to date with medical advancements

The healthcare field is not all black and white. Yes, there are certain things that don't change, but many times, medical advancements and different technology changes how things are done for nurses. It's important for you to keep up with these advancements since they're usually put in place to benefit you and your patients. Nursing CEUs will teach you about these advancements, help you master new techniques, and learn why they're being used in the healthcare field. Depending on the specific CEUs you're required to take, this may be very new information to you, or it could be things you're already using in your job every day. Either way, it's important for nurses to know what's happening in the healthcare field, what advancements are being made, and where medical technology is heading.

Whether you realize it or not, nursing CEUs are important to the healthcare field. They help refresh your memory about how to be a nurse, they expand your skills and knowledge as the medical field advances, and they ensure that you're keeping up with standard healthcare practices. The continuing education courses you take not only benefit you as a nurse, but will ultimately benefit your patients since everything you learn will directly impact how they are cared for.

Workshops and seminars

Before you use a workshop or seminar to fulfill your requirement for nursing CEUs, be sure to talk to your state licensing board to find out if they count. You don't want to sign up for a seminar and find out later it won't meet your requirements. However, if there are seminars and workshops available for your continuing education, this can be a fun and interesting alternative to traditional courses at schools or in teaching hospitals.

There are lots of options of where you can get credit for your nursing CEUs. From colleges to nursing schools to hospitals and even workshops or seminars, these can all give you the opportunity to fulfill your CEU requirements. All you have to do is talk to the right people and make sure the courses count toward your continuing education requirements, and you'll be well on your way to renewing your nursing license.

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