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How To Write A Nursing School Admissions Essay

We've all heard how there is a shortage of nurses in the U.S. and abroad, and how it's a job in high demand, but with this demand adds pressures to the academic system. At most of the top nursing schools there is a long waiting list to get accepted. This is why a great admissions essay is so important when applying to most good nursing schools. The essay needs to show not only your desire to become a great nurse, but it must also show that you have taken steps to achieve this goal long before you applied to school. Nursing Schools want students who are going to go the distance, not drop out after a few months. They want to know that you have thought long and hard about becoming a nurse, and understand the good and bad that comes with being one.

A Nursing School Admissions Essays also known as a personal essay can be written several ways. There are several things each way has in common. First and foremost you want to tell the reader why you want to be a nurse. Most people typically tell some sort of a short story. This often incorporates a family member who was ill or how you were inspired while volunteering. You should also tell them why you think you will be a great nurse. Is it your compassion for the ill, your composure under pressure, or your desire to help others. You should also explain why they should provided you with the education to achieve your goal.

Keep in mind when you are writing your nursing school admissions essay that you are not trying to changes someone's mind or debate an issue about the nursing field. There will be plenty of time for that once you become a nurse. You should keep it on topic and simply let them know how you will succeed in their program.

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