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What is a RN CEU?

Deciding you want to become a nurse can be an exciting time. However, there are lots of different kinds of nurses, and it's just as important to make sure you make the right decision about whether you want to be a RN, LVN, LPN, or even a CNA. And before you decide that, you have to make sure you understand every part of what it involves, from the education to the duties on the job, and especially what it will take to renew your license so you can continue working.

What is a RN?

A RN is a Registered Nurse. RNs must complete at least an Associate's Degree in Nursing. However, it is very common for RNs to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing. RNs must also pass the NCLEX-RN certification exam to get their licenses.

In terms of career, RNs have a great deal of responsibility in the work place. Their duties depend on their specialty. For example, RNs who work in operating rooms will have different responsibilities then RNs who work in a retirement facility.

What is a CEU?

A CEU is a continuing education course required as part of renewing your license. The courses may give you new information about medical advancements and techniques or refresh your memory on information you need to know but may not use at work every day.
The specifics of what's required varies based on the standards set by your state licensing board. There may also be different CEUs required depending on your specialty or your degree. In your state, a RN with an Associate's Degree may have different CEU requirements than a RN with a Master's Degree, just as a RN who works in the emergency room might have different requirements than a RN who works in Labor & Delivery.

What is a RN CEU?

CEUs for Registered Nurses are geared toward the type of work that RNs do. The skills and techniques you learn in a RN CEU will be easily integrated into your daily work. This is why it's important to make sure the continuing education courses you take are the ones designed for your RN license renewal. If you take other courses, you may get some good information about nursing, but taking a RN CEU will ensure that the information you get is to further your career.

Though a RN CEU is only one part of what it means to be a Registered Nurse, it is an important part, and is something you should take into consideration if you're considering getting your nursing degree. After all, the more you understand about the career of a Registered Nurse up front, the fewer surprises will come up later, and you'll be able to stay on the right career path for you.

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