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What is a LVN CEU?

Many people decide to pursue a career in the healthcare field because they want to help people. They want to be responsible for taking care of people who are sick or injured, and be involved in their recovery. In order to be sure you're able to give the best care possible to your patients, you'll have to meet your LVN CEU requirements before you can renew your license. And in order to be able to meet those requirements, you should know what they are.

What is a LVN?

A LVN is a Licensed Vocational Nurse. Most of their responsibilities deal with the care and comfort of the patients under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or a physician. They care for a patient by changing wound dressings, administering medications, helping them eat, bathing them, and seeing to their comfort while they are in their care. A LVN also makes notes of how the patient is feeling physically as well as emotionally and mentally, and reports this back to the supervisor, whether it be a Registered Nurse or a physician. The notes the LVN makes about the patient can affect how the patient's care goes.

What is a CEU?

A CEU is a continuing education course required as part of license renewal. The specifics of what you have to do to renew your license are decided by your state licensing board, although your employer may have requirements for you, as well. These courses are required not because you aren't capable in your job, but to help strengthen your skills as a LVN, and to help you keep up with any medical advancements in your field.

What is a LVN CEU?

The CEUs for Licensed Vocational Nurses are designed to help with their specific responsibilities and skill sets. That way, what you learn in your continuing education courses can be easily integrated into your daily work with patients. It's important to remember that the CEUs required for LVNs really have your career and your patients' health at heart. What you learn in your continuing education courses is to help you and your patients. To find out what, exactly, you have to do to fulfill your continuing education requirements, the best resource is your state licensing board. They will have all the information about what you need to take and when, as well as what schools and colleges offer the courses.

Continuing education courses are simply a part of the career of a Licensed Vocational Nurse. They help you build your skills and knowledge base, they keep you up to date on the medical advancements in your field, and they help keep you accountable to the standards of healthcare set down by the state licensing board. A LVN CEU may seem like an inconvenience to you, but ultimately, everything you learn you can put to use in your career for the benefit of the patients in your care. And since you probably went into the healthcare field to help people, the benefits of CEUs outweigh any inconvenience that arises at the time.

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