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What "Counts" Toward Nursing CEUs?

When it's time to take your nursing CEUs, you want to be sure that any course you take will count toward your requirements for relicensing. Not only would taking the wrong courses waste money, but it would waste time. And if you have a close deadline for fulfilling your CEUs, you certainly don't want to waste time on a course that won't count towards your requirements. Fortunately, there are a few resources you can turn to in order to find out what courses you can take for your continuing education.

What is required by the state licensing board?

Finding out exactly what's required for your nursing CEUs is the first step in finding out what counts. Contacting your state licensing board will go a long way in helping you figure out what you need to know about your CEUs. Since the state licensing board sets the regulations for license renewal, they will be able to answer all your questions, as well as give you resources and information about courses and programs.

What is required by your employer?

In addition to what's required for relicensing, your particular employer may have specific requirements for your continuing education as a condition of employment. This can especially be true in healthcare careers that are highly specialized or those that change and advance often. Even if your employer doesn't have specific requirements for nursing CEUs, he or she may have recommendations for specific CEUs that will benefit you in your career.

Are there courses labelled as "nursing CEUs" you can take?

Looking at a course catalog can give you a lot of information, as well. Some nursing schools will clearly identify their courses as CEUs for the state, knowing nurses who have been through their program will be looking for courses for their continuing education courses. An academic advisor will also be able to tell you what, if any, courses count as CEUs through their nursing program.

Can you talk to someone about getting a new class to "count?"

The healthcare industry changes quickly, and so does the academic world. As advancements are made in nursing and other healthcare careers, colleges and universities add courses to fill the need for information. However, your state licensing board may not move quite as quickly. You may hear about a new course that gives valuable knowledge in your field, but it may not be in the list of courses that fulfill your nursing CEUs. Find out if there's someone you can talk to about allowing these courses to be added to the list of courses allowed. This can give you a wider variety in what you can take, and will help ensure that your continuing education will benefit your career rather than simply fulfilling a requirement.

When it's time to continue your nursing education, it's important to make sure the courses you take will be counted toward your nursing relicensing. However, by talking to your state licensing board, your employer, or an academic advisor, you can find out exactly what courses you can take to ensure you can renew your nursing license without any complications.

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