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How Do I Find Out my CEU Requirements?

After the excitement of getting your nursing license has passed and you're working, you're not done learning! Not only will you keep learning on the job, but you'll have to make sure to keep up with your CEU requirements in order to renew your license. So how do you find out what you have to do? Fortunately, there are people who can help make sure you fulfill your requirements and renew your license without any hiccups.

Talk to your academic advisor

Your academic advisor in nursing school was likely a valuable resource to you as you went through courses and worked toward your nursing degree. Just because you have your license now doesn't mean you can't still talk to your academic advisor about your career and education. Your academic advisor will often be able to help you figure out your CEU requirement, and if he or she can't, then you'll be able to be put in touch with someone who can answer your questions about it.

Talk to your employer

Though your employer may not have the details you need, he or she may be a good place to start asking questions about your CEU requirement. Your employer wants to make sure the nurses employed are highly skilled and licensed, so he or she will likely keep up with what's needed to renew your license according to state standards.

Talk to your state licensing board

Your state licensing board is probably your best place to go to get questions answered about your CEU requirement. It's their job to have the most up to date information about licensing and requirements, as well as make sure nurses meet those requirements for license renewals. Any questions you have about what you need to do to meet your CEU requirement can be answered by someone at your state licensing board. They will also have information about other resources you may need.

Though there's lots of information available about CEU requirements, your best bet is to talk to sources you know are reliable and will have accurate information. Your academic advisor, your employer, and your state licensing board are all places you can ask about what you have to do to keep your nursing license current, and make sure you're sticking with standard practices for your state.

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