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Can I Take my Nursing CEUs Online?

Continuing education is a part of the nursing career. Not only is it expected, but it should be something you plan for from the beginning so you can make sure there are no problems along the way. However, if your schedule is busy to begin with, you may be concerned that taking your continuing education courses will cause problems, or that you don't know how you'll fit them in. One option for you may be taking your nursing CEUs online. However, before you sign up for an online class, it's important to make sure you can use it for your continuing education. There are a few questions you can ask yourself ahead of time to make sure that nursing CEUs online will work for you.

Are online courses available to you?

Not all schools offer online courses in every program. The first thing you should find out is if your school even has nursing CEUs online that you can take. You may also find that though your school offers courses online, they won't be classes that will help you meet your continuing education requirements.

Does your course need a lab?

Sometimes courses require an additional lab to complete. If that's the case, taking the class online may not be an option for you. After all, doing a biology or chemistry lab doesn't translate easily online. However, some courses that require labs will still allow the coursework to be done online, and you would simply meet on campus for the lab.

Does your course need hands-on education?

This goes along with a lab. Some continuing education courses require you to interact directly with patients (or other students playing the roles of patients). If you need a course that requires that hands-on interaction, nursing CEUs online may not be an option for you.

Does your program or employer allow nursing CEUs online?

Though online courses are quickly gaining popularity in all fields, some programs are still reluctant to use them. They may feel there is a lack of accountability in the class, or that it's harder to teach the material properly online. So before you consider nursing CEUs online, it's best to check that your program (or your employer, if you're receiving tuition assistance) will allow you take your courses online. If not, it simply won't be an option for you.

If you find that the continuing education courses you need are offered online, and that your program or employer will allow it, nursing CEUs online could be an excellent option for you. The flexibility offered by online classes is a great benefit to many people, especially if you're working full time as a nurse already. But before you sign up for any online course, make sure all your questions are answered, and that the class will count for your continuing education requirements. If it does, enjoy your nursing CEUs online!

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