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Nemours Children's Hospital Welcoming to New Nurses

There are so many reasons people want to become nurses these days. A perfect example is the Nemours Children's Hospital. It is located in Lake Nona's Medical City in Orlando FL. By the end of 2012, the hospital is expected to have 850 employees including nurses ranging in fields from Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU), Nursing Education and Sedation nurses to nurses with specializations in diabetes, cystic fibrosis and genetic disorders.

Nemours provides nurses the opportunity to do what they love in caring for patients but also be an advocate for children and an educator for families. Nurses, like families and patients are an integral part of Nemours success.

Funded by the Nemours Foundation, the nearly 400 million dollar, 630,000 square foot facility is located on 60 acres. It is said to be a hospital built within a garden. There is a one acre discovery garden outside, along with two additional rooftop gardens. The gardens provide fun outdoor spaces to enjoy the natural Florida surroundings. The children's hospital has 95 beds, a clinic, and a fully-equipped emergency department all specifically designed for the exclusive care of children. It was designed and built from the ground up with children in mind.

Nemours believes that families should be involved in all aspects of the hospital operations. The Family Advisory Council (FAC), which is made up of community members, many of which have experience with chronically ill children, has suggested layouts for patient rooms, color schemes and even improving communications. According to the Nemours website, the "FAC was honored with the Economic Development Commission's William C. Schwartz Industry Innovation Award recognizing their commitment to family-centered health care by helping design the Nemours Children's Hospital (NCH) and interviewing for key leadership positions." In the near future, there are plans to include families when doctor's conduct their daily rounds with the entire care team.

Nemours is not only looking for qualified, educated nurses and medical staff to fit all aspects of their hospital and clinic, they are also looking for individuals who fit in with the Nemours mission and motto of "Your Children, Our Promise". The new hospital needs skilled, experienced medical professionals with field specializations as well as pediatric specializations.

In a welcoming video by the Chief Nursing Executive, Barbara Meeks, she explains the Nemours philosophy of nursing excellence and a team building environment, which is encouraging to new and future nurses who are looking for future employment. Nemours claims to provide opportunities for growth through extensive continuing education, research opportunities through partnerships within Medical City and leadership opportunities as the hospital continues to grow.

With over 750 current employees, the human resources department has spent countless hours searching for the right medical personnel who can meet the technical needs of the hospital and the social and personal needs of the families and children who will be cared for. In some cases, there was input from patient families in the hiring process. Nemours is striving to really listen to their patients and families as they make their mark in Central Florida.

Current nurses are encouraged by the open communication policies and leadership of the Nemours Foundation and nurses in training are advised that education is key to achieving your desired career. As Human Resources Director, Rick Kennedy told WFTV News almost a year ago, general skill personnel are fairly easy to find and hire, it is the positions of specialization which often pay more and require more training and experience which are the hard to fill. However, with an average nurse's salary of $60,000+, Nemours is actively looking to hire.

Nemours Children's Hospital is now open and will continue to need more specialized medical personnel according to the plans that the governing board has outlined. Some of these plans include offering organ transplant services and doubling the hospitals capacity by building a second tower. The opening of this high-tech, patient guided facility is just the beginning of the impact that the Nemours Children's Hospital is going to have on Central Florida.

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