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Where Can I Get Credit for Nursing CEUs?

Once you have your nursing license and are working in the healthcare field, you may get out of "school mode" and into "work mode." This can mean that when it's time for you to take your nursing CEUs, you're not sure where to go to get credit for your requirements. After all, you've been more focused on working in the healthcare field every day than on education. So when it comes time to fulfill your requirements, where do you look to get credit?

Colleges and universities with nursing programs

There are lots of schools that offer degrees in nursing, from certificates to Bachelors of Science to Masters degrees. In fact, you may have gotten your degree from a college. This is one good place to get credit for nursing CEUs. The courses the school offers may count toward your continuing education courses. You can talk to an academic advisor in the nursing department to find out which courses give CEU credit.

Teaching hospitals

Some hospitals are teaching hospitals. This means they have education programs at the hospital, allowing students to do their observation and clinicals at the hospital. If you work at a teaching hospital, or if there is one nearby, you can find out if the hospital offers nursing CEUs. This can be an especially good option if you work at a teaching hospital, since you may get some flexibility or benefits for taking your continuing education courses at the hospital where you work.

Nursing schools

Some schools that offer nursing degrees are independent of other colleges and universities. These schools are focused exclusively on their nursing programs, which makes them an excellent resource for nursing CEUs. The courses they offer are all targeted to nursing students, so there will probably be a wide variety of courses available to you. They may also have a specific set of continuing education courses for nurses who need to fulfill their CEU requirements.

Workshops and seminars

Before you use a workshop or seminar to fulfill your requirement for nursing CEUs, be sure to talk to your state licensing board to find out if they count. You don't want to sign up for a seminar and find out later it won't meet your requirements. However, if there are seminars and workshops available for your continuing education, this can be a fun and interesting alternative to traditional courses at schools or in teaching hospitals.

There are lots of options of where you can get credit for your nursing CEUs. From colleges to nursing schools to hospitals and even workshops or seminars, these can all give you the opportunity to fulfill your CEU requirements. All you have to do is talk to the right people and make sure the courses count toward your continuing education requirements, and you'll be well on your way to renewing your nursing license.

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