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I've Taken my Nursing CEUs-What Now?

Nursing CEUs are required to renew your nursing license. When it's time to fulfill your CEU requirements, you probably put a lot of your time and mental energy into the coursework at that time. Once you've finished your requirements, you may feel like there's a little bit of a hole in your life. After all, you've been devoting a lot of yourself to your CEUs, and when that's done something needs to take its place. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your continuing education courses an important part of your nursing career even when you're not in the classroom.

Apply your knowledge

For lots of people, nursing CEUs can give you a sense of excitement about your career. Taking courses and learning new information, or even just refreshing familiar information, can remind you of why you earned your nursing degree in the first place. And one of the great things about continuing education courses is being able to apply your new and refreshed knowledge to your daily work. You might learn a new technique or a better way to do something, and applying that knowledge will make things easier for you as a nurse. Applying your knowledge is the best way to make your continuing education courses worth the time that goes into them.

Keep learning

Nursing CEUs can also spark a love of learning. Finding new information and techniques that can be used in the healthcare field can be exciting. If you find that something you learned in your CEUs has inspired you or piqued your interest, use that to keep learning. Look into other classes or seminars you could take to keep the momentum going and further expand your skills and knowledge to use every day in your nursing career.

Start thinking ahead

Though your nursing CEUs are done for a while, they're still on your mind, so it's a good time to start thinking ahead to the next time you need to take continuing education courses. Make a note in your calendar of when you'll need to take classes again. Keep the information from your CEUs in a file to reference again in case you have questions, and so you know what people you need to contact when it's time.

Applying what you learn is the best way to keep your continuing education courses a part of your life, but you can also keep learning to build your skills and knowledge, and use the motivation from your coursework to start thinking ahead to the next time you'll need to take classes. Remember that just because you're no longer in the classroom for nursing CEUs doesn't mean they're not still a part of your career.

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