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Making Time for Nursing CEU Classes

In order to renew your nursing license, you have to take nursing CEU classes. These courses are required to refresh your memory about skills you may not use frequently at work, as well as teach you new skills or techniques to use based on advancements in the healthcare field. It might be frustrating to have to "jump through hoops" to renew your license, but it helps your state licensing board ensure that the licensed nurses in your state are qualified and effective in their fields. Unfortunately, making time for your CEU courses can be one of the most difficult aspects of renewing your nursing license.

Look at your schedule critically

Many times, people think they don't have time to do the things they want or need to do. However, if you take a good look at your schedule, you may have more time than you think. It may even help to write your schedule down and see when you have free time throughout the week. You may also find that you can move some things around to make room in your schedule. This is probably the easiest way to make time for your nursing CEU classes. It uses time you already have, and won't cause conflicts with your work schedule or personal life.

Talk to your employer

Depending on the type of nursing work you do, your schedule may be able to be adjusted to allow you to take your nursing CEU classes. For example, if you do "shift work," you may be able to request a certain shift off every week and use that time for your nursing CEU classes. Your employer knows you need to take your CEUs in order to renew your nursing license, and you have to have an active license in order to practice. He or she may be willing to work with you to make sure you can take your CEU courses with minimal complications, so you can keep working while you fulfill your requirements. It's important to remember, though, that depending on your schedule and the nature of your job, this may or may not work.

Look into alternative nursing CEU classes

With a growing number of non-traditional students and students who want more flexible schedules, schools are offering alternatives to traditional classes. Some schools offer online courses, while others allow students to take independent study courses. These options allow you to make your own schedule so you can keep your work schedule and still fulfill your CEU requirements. Finding out whether or not your nursing school offers CEU courses online or as independent study classes may mean that you can easily make time for your CEUs without worrying about balancing them with the rest of your life. This option may take a little more research to work, and it's dependent on your nursing CEU classes being available online or as independent study. However, if this option works, it offers the most flexibility.

You may think, at first thought, that you just don't have time for your CEUs. Not only do you have personal obligations, but you're working, so how can you find time for lectures and studying and homework? However, there are options. After looking at your schedule, you may find time you didn't know was free. After talking to your employer, you may be able to rearrange your work schedule to free time for classes. And your CEUs may be available as independent study courses or online, which would give you flexibility in when you would learn. Regardless of how you make time for your nursing CEU classes, it is possible. And once you make the time, you'll find that renewing your nursing license is easier than you thought!

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